Nevada Chief Justice Urges Early Release Of Non-Violent Convicts


The Nevada Pardons Board is considering an idea that could get large numbers of inmates out of the state's prisons, reports the Nevada Appeal. Supreme Court Justice Jim Hardesty proposed the two-prong plan aimed at non-violent offenders. The idea would be to identify first offenders with no history of violence who are within 24 months of completing their minimum prison sentence. Illegal aliens in that group could be pardoned and turned over to the federal immigration agency for deportation.

U.S. citizens released would face reincarceraton if they committed another offense. Nearly half of Nevada’s inmates are on their first offense. There are 1,730 inmates wanted by immigration authorities for deportation. Overcrowding is forcing the state to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on prison construction. The prison population is at more than 13,000.


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