LA Inmate In Solitary For 36 Years Could Get New Trial


Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox spent 36 years in solitary confinement in Louisiana’s Angola prison for the brutal murder of a young correctional officer in 1972. National Public Radio, in the third of a 3-part series, reports that a prison officer gave a carton of cigarettes weekly for many years to the key witness against the men. Louisiana Attorney General James Buddy Caldwell defends the conviction.

Wallace has been appealing his case in state court. But a few months ago, Woodfox’s case was examined by a federal magistrate. Prison officials recently moved the two out of solitary and into a maximum-security wing of the prison. A federal judge recently overturned Woodfox’s conviction, saying he had ineffective lawyers. He told Caldwell: Release him or retry him. Caldwell is appealing, but in the meantime, a judge could grant Woodfox bail, possibly within the next two weeks. “This is a very dangerous person,” Caldwell says. “This is the most dangerous person on the planet.”


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