NRA Wants To Wrap Election-Day Papers In Anti-Obama Ads


The National Rifle Association hopes to deliver anti-Barack Obama advertising blasts to thousands of doorsteps on Election Day, reports the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. The NRA asked newspapers in Virginia and other battleground states about wrapping their home-delivered products on Nov. 4 in a plastic bag that is said to read: “Vote for Freedom [] Defeat Obama.” That ad proposal was rejected by The Virginian-Pilot. The NRA has endorsed Republican nominee John McCain, and the group’s political action committee has established the Web site, which say Obama, a Democrat, “would be the most anti-gun president in American history.”

The Obama campaign describes NRA claims as false attacks that distort the Illinois senator’s record as a supporter of Second Amendment rights. The plastic bag campaign is something of a departure for the NRA, which more often targets gun-owning voters with its political messages, said Brigham Young University political science professor Quin Monson, who added, “What they risk here is motivating someone who is for gun control to get out and vote for Obama.” The risk for a newspaper that runs the plastic bag ad, says media ethicist Kelly McBride, is that it may give readers a reason to question its objectivity. “If your wrap on Election Day is portraying one particular point of view, that’s going to be pretty damaging to your credibility,” said McBride, ethics group leader for the Poynter Institute, a school for journalists in St. Petersburg, Fl.


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