Ct Home Invasion Survivor Backs Tougher Penalties


Dr. William Petit of Connecticut, whose wife and daughters were killed in a home invasion, will stand with any candidate who pledges to support a mandatory life sentence on violent three-time felons, says the Hartford Courant. A new state law passed in response to his losses imposes tougher penalties on persistent offenders, including a 30-year mandatory sentence for home invasion. Last week, Petit, 52, appeared with four Republican legislators, three of whom were taking the pledge; the other organized the Three Strikes Now Coalition.

Two recent parolees were arrested while fleeing Petit’s home. They are charged with capital felonies, exposing them to the death penalty if convicted. “Even now, you feel like you are being abused. Somebody murders your family in 2007, and they tell you they’re going to go to trial in 2010,” Petit said. “Wow, what a great system we have.” This fall, crime and other issues have receded for most candidates in the face of a dark economy. Taxes and jobs dominate most campaign mailings, said one legislative strategist.

Link: http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-petitlook1026.artoct26,0,6206576.story

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