Increased Violence Reported In Florida Marijuana Trade


With four murders and now a detective peppered with bird shot, Miami-area police say this year has been unusually violent in the marijuana ”grow house” business, the Miami Herald report. Investigators said Yoel Padron Garcia, a guard at a hydroponics lab, confessed to shooting at undercover narcotics detectives, wounding one. Miami-Dade police discussed a rise in violence associated with grow houses. ”This is another example of the fact there is no harmless marijuana,” said Maj. Charles Nanney of the narcotics bureau.

Garcia was charged with three counts of attempted murder of a law-enforcement officer, armed trafficking and grand theft. Police said that Wednesday night, undercover narcotics detectives were scoping out a house when they spotted Garcia. As they approached and identified themselves in the front yard, Garcia fired a shotgun at them, police said. Birdshot peppered one officer’s right torso, leg. and face.


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