Bratton Backs Obama, Countering Giuliani’s Touting McCain


Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton recorded an automated telephone message on behalf of Democrat Barack Obama, reports the Los Angeles Times. The message challenged Republican John McCain’s “record on policing issues and extolled Obama’s,” Bratton said. It comes, he said, in response to a telephone message by former Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in support of McCain and critical of Obama’s law enforcement bona fides. It was unclear when, or in which states, the campaign planned to use the recording.

Describing himself as “an independent,” Bratton said he decided to assist Obama because “Democrats are much more supportive on policing issues. Republicans are just not good on local policing.” Bratton, one of the nation’s leading law enforcement figures, is credited for his success in dramatically reducing crime rates in Los Angeles and New York, where he led the Police Department for two years in the mid-1990s. Giuliani, mayor in New York when Bratton was police commissioner, clashed with Bratton over credit for the falling crime rate. Bratton eventually resigned.


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