FBI Checks Whether Powder Sent Banks Is Tied To Economy


More than 30 letters containing a suspicious powder were mailed to Chase bank branches and banking regulators’ offices in nine cities in what the Associated Press reports was being investigated as a public backlash over the nation’s financial crisis. Initial tests proved negative for poisonous or otherwise dangerous toxins. An FBI spokesman in Oklahoma, where eight letters turned up, said the powder appeared to be harmless calcium. The letters were postmarked near Amarillo, TX.

Sending a hoax letter is a serious crime, the FBI said. The letters were mailed to Chase bank branches in or near Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Newark, New York City, Oklahoma City, and Washington, D.C. They appeared to be from the same source and began showing up at the banks on Monday. An FBI spokesman in Oklahoma City said the threat was “based on past actions of the bank” and that the letters implied that the opener was going to die.

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/topstories/2008-10-21-2011554034_x.htm

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