Wisconsin Leads Nation In Drinking, DWI Episodes


Beer for beer and shot for shot, when all 50 states belly up to the bar, few can hold their own with Wisconsin, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the first of a series. The paper asked 75 drinkers to take a breath test. About half underestimated their blood-alcohol level. Many who were over the legal limit for driving expressed full confidence in their ability to get behind the wheel.

Wisconsin leads the nation in the percentage of people who admit to driving under the influence of alcohol. In only a few states are drivers involved in fatal accidents more likely to be drunk. In 2007 alone, Wisconsin's drunken-driving excess claimed more than 70 lives beyond the national norm. Wisconsin drivers involved in fatal crashes are significantly more likely to be drunk than are drivers across the country. To keep things in perspective, the problem has eased over the last three decades because of a host of reasons, including relatively fewer young adults.

Link: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=807584

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