Philly Council Members Add Two More Gun Proposals To Portfolio


The same Philadelphia City Council members who have challenged the state’s supremacy on gun laws introduced two new gun-control bills yesterday, one aimed at closing what critics say is a loophole in the secondhand gun market, reports the city’s Inquirer. Under legislation proposed by Council members Donna Reed Miller and Darrell L. Clarke, anyone reselling a gun would have have to run the sale through a licensed dealer, who would run a background check on the buyer.

A similar state law already exists, but critics say it is too narrow and has no effect on individuals selling guns to other individuals. “We’re looking at all the avenues and cracks in the system,” Miller said. The other bill introduced yesterday would raise the city penalty for carrying a gun illegally from $300 to $1,900 and would allow police to confiscate a car driven by someone illegally carrying a gun – regardless of ownership of the car. Clarke and Miller introduced five measures this spring that have been challenged by the National Rifle Association.


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