Pedophile Charges Against NY Parole Official Raise Eyebrows, Questions


Former New York assemblyman and state parole board member Chris Ortloff had long embraced a law-and-order stance as part of his political persona, and it served him well for years, reports the Albany Times-Union. But now, Ortloff, 61, is a criminal defendant who is accused of trying to arrange a sexual encounter with two children, aged 11 and 12. Aside from the shock that a former lawmaker, who two years ago said ”government must do more to keep dangerous, sexually violent predators away from children and women,” stands accused of being a predator, Ortloff’s case raises several questions.

Ortloff on Thursday resigned from his $101,600 part-time job on the parole board. He had been appointed to a six-year term by former Gov. George Pataki in 2006. Prison reform advocates said if Ortloff is convicted of being a sex predator or of possessing child pornography, it could open the door for lawsuits by inmates questioning decisions that he made while on the parole board. ”If I were a sex offender then I would see grounds for an Article 78,” said Glenn Martin, vice president of the Fortune Society, which promotes incarceration alternatives.


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