PA Woman Regains Permit To Wear Gun To Kiddie Soccer Games


Meleanie Hain said she will probably continue to carry her gun openly at her children’s soccer games, even after Lebanon (Pa.) County Judge Robert Eby asked her not to, reports the Harrisburg Patriot-News. “I know he’ll be disappointed,” she said Tuesday after her successful appeal of a sheriff’s decision to revoke her concealed gun permit. “But a gun-free zone says it’s an easy target.” Eby lectured Hain about civility, even as he said she could have her concealed gun permit back. “I have a fear … manners are being replaced by insensitivity and rudeness,” he said. “Right versus wrong is not the same as legal versus illegal.”

In a case that had drawn national attention, Hain was appealing a decision by Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo to revoke her permit to carry a concealed weapon following complaints by parents at a children’s soccer game Sept. 11 in Lebanon. About 60 gun-rights advocates attended Tuesday’s hearing. About 15 of them checked their guns at the entry to the courthouse, one of the few places that bans firearms, along with schools, casinos, day care centers and homes for the mentally retarded.


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