Offshoot Of U.S. Financial Woes: More Family Violence, Suicides


Authorities are concerned that the nation’s financial woes could turn increasingly violent; they are urging people to get help, reports the Associated Press. In some places, mental-health hot lines are jammed, counseling services are in high demand, and domestic-violence shelters are full. “I’ve had a number of people say that this is the thing most reminiscent of 9/11 that’s happened here since then,” said the Rev. Canon Ann Malonee, vicar at Trinity Church in New York’s financial district. “It’s that sense of having the rug pulled out from under them.”

With nowhere else to turn, people are calling suicide-prevention hot lines. Calls to The Samaritans of New York rose more than 16 percent in the past year, many of them money-related. In Los Angeles last week, a former money manager fatally shot his wife, three sons, and his mother-in-law before killing himself. Police and mental-health officials in Los Angeles took the unusual step of urging people to seek help for themselves or loved ones if they feel overwhelmed by grim financial news. They said they were afraid of the “copycat phenomenon.” Said Kristen Rand of the Washington, D.C.-based Violence Policy Center: “The financial stress builds up to the point the person feels they can’t go on, and the person believes their family is better off dead than left without a financial support.”


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