Lender Sues Over IL Sheriff’s Refusal To Evict In Foreclosures


A mortgage lender has sued to force Sheriff Tom Dart of Chicago’s Cook County to get back to the business of evicting people from foreclosed homes, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. On Wednesday, Dart announced an eviction moratorium, saying he’s willing to face contempt-of-court charges for not following court eviction orders. “Sheriff Dart may have concerns about the orders that he is charged with enforcing, but he simply cannot refuse to carry them out. The orders of the court must be enforced,” said the lender, Accredited Home.

Dart told a judge that too often his deputies are evicting renters who have not been given notice the property is in foreclosure. The sheriff suggested that the court require banks to file an affidavit saying the homeowner and potential renters all have been given notice of the pending eviction before calling on deputies to evict residents.

Link: http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/1213292,CST-NWS-evict10.article

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