First Of 11,000 L.A. Gang Members Removed From Injunction


For the first time ever, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office has removed a former gang member from one of its gang injunctions, which cover more than 11,000 people, reports the Los Angeles Times. Court injunctions bar members of 57 gangs from activities as varied as gathering together to carrying something that could be consider a graffiti tool.

A person can be subject to an injunction if he or she admits gang membership, has been identified by a reliable informant, displays gang tattoos or signs, or is associated or arrested with known gang members. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said city leaders have come to realize that the injunctions cannot be a one-way street, and those who reform need a second chance. “We need an exit ramp for those who want to turn their lives around,” he said. “If you’re a member of a gang, you’ll likely end up dead or in jail. We want you to leave the gang life behind. We can get you out from under injunction.”


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