CA Judge Orders Sweeping Reform Of Juvenile Parole System


A federal judge has ordered sweeping reforms to the parole revocation system for California juveniles, including an accelerated schedule of hearings to quickly determine whether revocation is merited, reports the Sacramento Bee. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton earlier ruled the failure of state authorities to hold probable cause hearings and appoint counsel for juvenile parolees violated the Constitution.

He issued a statewide permanent injunction this week ordering state officials to notify a juvenile parolee of the charges within three days of placing a hold on the parolee; make sure a juvenile parolee has an attorney throughout the revocation process; provide a hearing within eight business days after notification of the charges if a defense lawyer has made a good argument there is no basis to hold the parolee. Otherwise, provide a hearing within 13 days of the hold to find out if there is probable cause to detain the parolee; convene a final revocation hearing on or before the 35th calendar day after placement of the hold; and set up “a clearer, prompt appeal system,” with appeals to be decided within 10 business days.


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