Virginia Activists Press Norfolk Council To Train Cops On Gun Laws


More than 50 gun-rights advocates descended on the Norfolk, Va., City Council Tuesday night to complain that their rights have been violated by city police. Many wore pistols on their hips. They were spurred by a police confrontation involving a man carrying an unconcealed weapon, which is legal in Virginia. Members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League claim that Danladi Moore was recently harassed three times, the last time in September while attempting to ride an HRT bus with a gun.

That was after the city paid Moore $10,000 in July to prevent what could have been long and costly litigation after he had been stopped by police the first two times. “We simply want the city to educate the police so they don't continue to do this,” said Philip Van Cleave, a Midlothian resident who heads the group. Councilman Paul Riddick responded: “If our police need to learn more about the laws, I think they're willing to.”


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