Medicare Fraud Investigations Increase; “Flood Gates Are Open”


Investigators are going after Medicare fraud in one of the hot spots for such scams: Miami-Dade County, reports USA Today. One focus is on home health agencies that send nurses to give homebound diabetics insulin injections. Some patients are neither homebound nor unable to give themselves the injections. Some don’t even have diabetes. Home care costs in Miami range from $300 for a 60-day treatment period to more than $27,000. Recent congressional reports described questionable payments to medical providers nationwide. Today, the federal government will outline new measures to combat inappropriate payments.

Randall Culp, an FBI agent who oversees a team that investigates Medicare fraud, says Medicare should move faster to revoke Medicare status for questionable home health agencies and crack down on other payment abuses. “The flood gates are too wide open,” Culp says.


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