Group Hires Felons To Register Voters In Wisconsin


The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) hired at least seven felons as voter registration workers in Milwaukee, says an Associated Press report quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Carolyn Castore, state political director for the group, told the AP: “We have a lot of folks with felony records and, frankly, they need jobs.” The state Government Accountability Board issued an opinion April 3 that convicted felons are not allowed to serve as registration workers.

The Milwaukee elections office was unaware of the opinion and interpreted state law in the area to apply only to those felons still on probation or parole. ACORN interpreted the law the same way, Castore told the AP. Nowhere in materials provided by state election officials did it say that felons were barred from registering voters, she said. The city will change its procedures, officials told AP.


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