Released WA Violent Sex Offenders Face 30-Day GPS Tracking


The Washington state Department of Corrections is requiring the state’s most violent sex offenders to wear tracking bracelets for at least a month after they’re released from prison, reports the Seattle Times. The move comes a year after officials started testing GPS monitoring bracelets on a handful of Level 3 sex offenders, considered to be the most dangerous and most likely to reoffend. Two weeks ago, 89 Level 3 offenders were wearing the ankle bracelets. Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis said that now, nearly 200 offenders could be on GPS monitoring at any given time.

Annmarie Aylaward, who oversees the GPS-monitoring program, said that the first 30 days within an offender’s release is when they are most likely to violate conditions of their supervision.The tracking program was announced last year after 12-year-old Zina Linnik was abducted and killed by convicted sex offender Terapon Adhahn. Some offenders have discarded or failed to charge the devices, which cost $1,500 to replace. If an offender discards or fails to charge the device, he or she now will face arrest.


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