New Orleans Reopens Case Of Robbery While Suspect Was Jailed


The New Orleans Police Department has reopened a robbery investigation that was closed when the crime was pinned on a man who was in jail at the time of the incident. Late Tuesday, after publication of a story in the New Orleans Times-Picayune that highlighed discrepancies in five robbery cases pinned on a now-deceased man, police spokesman Bob Young said the agency is re-examining one of the five cases. That case is a July 6 armed robbery that police said was committed by Devin Legaux, 33, who was in jail at the time. Requests to interview police department leaders have been turned down and the agency has released scant details on the batch of questionable closed cases.

“We’ve said over and over that the [police department] is wrong here, ” said Linda Legaux, Devin’s mother. “I will not stop until I get answers.” Earlier this year, the department cleared another case that was attributed to someone who was incarcerated when the crime took place. Police did not return calls to Legaux’s family for five weeks. Detectives eventually met with the family two weeks ago and declared Legaux the suspect in each of the robberies.


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