Annual Gang Crackdown Netted 1,759 Arrests In U.S.


A four-month nationwide crackdown on gangs has brought the arrest of 1,759 people from more than 20 countries, reports the New York Times. Dozens of state and local law enforcement agencies joined federal officers in raids in 28 states focusing on gang hubs like Los Angeles, Miami, and Boston. The annual crackdown, which ended yesterday, is a sign of the increasing prevalence of gangs with a presence in more than one country, and of the degree of law enforcement cooperation required to counter them.

“We now have over 890 gangs in the United States that we've been able to target,” said Brandon Alvarez-Montgomery, a spokesman for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The crackdowns began in February 2005 as a way to combat the Salvadoran gang MS-13. The program has since expanded to make targets of all gangs with international ties and, the authorities say, has led to the arrest of 11,106 gang members and associates.


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