NC Cyberstalking Convict Barred From Using Computers


A Charlotte artist who pleaded guilty to cyberstalking has been given a sentence that includes writing 1,000 times “I will not interfere with” a local “art crawl” event. Kevin Starr, whose real name is Herschel Crumbley, was accused of sending hundreds of damaging e-mails that purported to be from neighborhood leaders and business owners in an effort to sabotage the event. He was sentenced last week to 18 months of probation and could face 45 days in jail if he violates judicial orders.

Under the terms of his probation, Starr is not allowed to touch a computer of any kind, including an iPhone, and must submit to warrantless searches of his home for electronics. “This man has so abused the privilege to communicate on the Internet that I thought it best to take it away from him,” said Judge Theo Nixon. He must undergo a mental health assessment and serve 25 hours of community service.


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