Congressman Touts Record As Sheriff In Bid For 3d Term


U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA), who was a cop for three decades before he became a congressman, doesn’t want voters to forget it, says the Seattle Times. He made his 30-year career in law-enforcement the cornerstone of his first campaign in 2004, and in explaining Reichert’s pragmatic approach to legislating, his staff still says, “Dave’s a cop.” Over the past four years, his most notable work has been on legislation to help first responders and secure money for local law-enforcement agencies.

Now seeking a third term, Reichert, 58, still makes his record as sheriff front-and-center in his campaign. The nonpartisan Web site ranks Reichert as one of the least influential members of Congress. In its power rankings, the group listed him 401st of 435 members for 2007. Only one bill he has sponsored since taking office in 2005 has passed Congress and is now awaiting the president’s signature. His PRICE of Homeland Security Act, which gives state and local agencies more flexibility in how they use homeland-security grant money, is waiting to be signed into law.


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