Act II: Brassy Ex-DA and Former NY Star Pol Pops Up As TV Judge


Jeanine Pirro's brassy, salty style always made her one of the more vivid characters in New York's cast of political personalities. When she bowed out of politics after her loss to Andrew Cuomo in the 2006 campaign for state attorney general, the lingering image that many New Yorkers were left with was textbook Pirro. She was caught on a recording fuming to her friend Bernard Kerik, the former police commissioner, in terms not quite the Queen's English about exacting revenge on her husband, Albert, who she suspected had been carrying on an affair, reports the New York Times.

Now she has a new gig: a television show on the CW network, “Judge Jeanine Pirro,” after a three-decade career as a Westchester County prosecutor. She separated from her husband last year and swore off politics. The show has provided a convenient point from which to begin a midlife transition for Pirro, 57. She works in Chicago – from the same studios where Jerry Springer and Judge Greg Mathis film their shows – three days a week. She said it provided a nice break from life in New York.


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