Kansas City Stats Foulup Bright Spot: City Gets 10 More Cops


The revelation that crime in Kansas City did not drop last year but actually rose does not increase Mayor Mark Funkhouser's sense of urgency about the crime rate, says the Kansas City Star. “My sense of urgency was at a 10 and it remains at a 10,” Funkhouser said. A city audit reported that the police department was not accurately reporting crime statistics to the state. Corwin cited a new counting method and new computer systems among the reasons for the problem that led to a failure to report more than 12,000 crimes in 2007.

City Councilwoman Deb Hermann said a bright spot was that the city has qualified for a federal grant to help hire 10 additional police officers to deal with the crime rate. The City Council in 2002 promised to hire 250 additional officers and has hired 210 so far.

Link: http://www.kansascity.com/115/story/812527.html

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