TX Sex Offender Parolees Displaced By Hurricane Are Herded To Jails


About 1,000 sex offender parolees displaced by Hurricane Ike have been rounded up and sent to prisons and jails across Texas, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Authorities in San Antonio were told that nine sex offenders were among the Ike evacuees taking refuge in area shelters. The nine were sent to another unidentified facility, where services were provided, a city spokeswoman said. But a few registered sex offenders who completed the terms of their parole have been turned away from shelters.

The state rounded up about 1,000 high-risk sex offenders from hurricane-affected areas who are on parole and have transported them to prisons and halfway houses all across the state, from El Paso to South Texas, said Jason Clark, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Clark said parole officers began contacting sex offenders well in advance of the storm. High-risk offenders and those who hadn’t devised an approved “evacuation plan” were taken into custody. It wasn’t immediately clear Thursday how many sex offender parolees didn’t report to authorities.

Link: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/High-risk_sex_offenders_on_parole_sent_to_jails.html

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