Latest Survey: Two-Thirds Of Businesses Are Cybercrime Victims


Two-thirds of businesses reported to the federal government in 2005 that they had detected at least one cybercrime in 2005, says the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Nearly 60 percent of businesses detected one or more cyber attacks, 11 percent detected cyber thefts, and 24 percent detected other computer security incidents. Computer viruses were the most common type of cyber attack, detected by 52 percent of reporting businesses.

About 68 percent of victims of cyber theft sustained monetary loss of $10,000 or more. By comparison 34 percent of victims of cyber attacks lost $10,000 or more. Businesses with the highest prevalence of cybercrime in 2005 included telecommunication businesses (82 percent of such businesses), computer system design businesses (79 percent), and manufacturers of durable goods (75 percent). Nearly 75 percent of businesses victimized by cyber theft said that insiders–such as employees, contractors or vendors working for the business–were responsible for the crime. Only, 15 percent of victimized businesses said they reported cybercrimes to law enforcement authorities.


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