Media Circus In Florida Case Of Missing Child


Despite major news stories involving the economy, the presidential campaign, and the weather, the Florida saga involving Casey Anthony, a woman suspected in the disappearance of her three-year-old daughter, remains on the Orlando Sentinel’s “Most Viewed” story list and the center of a media “circus,” says Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas.

Thomas calls Anthony is a perfect made-for-media villain who fits the mold of Scott Peterson, convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Laci, in California. Like Peterson, Casey seems coldly indifferent, feeding the outrage, Thomas says. The columnist cites media coverage of protesters at Anthony’s house, including a young girl holding sign that says, “How could you kill a baby like me?” Says Thomas: “The notion of driving across town to protest in front of some strangers’ house about an alleged murder is bizarre enough. But bringing kids introduces an element of obsession I can’t begin to fathom — what kind of void must there be in somebody’s life to wrap his or her emotions around this tragedy?”


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