Faith-Based Group Stages Kansas City March Against Homicides


Thousands of marchers took part yesterday in A Call to Oneness, a faith-based effort to reduce Kansas City's homicide rate, reports the Kansas City Star. Organizers want to do more than just talk about the issues. Through three days of meetings and seminars, they searched for answers and worked to get apathetic people involved. The marchers, including a team of horse riders, made their statement to the world with chants that carried for blocks: “Stop the killing! Stop the violence! Put the guns down! Don't pull the trigger! Stop the drugs!”

“I want it to stop,” said Tylette Minor, who lives in an area where four murders have happened in two weeks. “It's the alcohol and the drugs. Get the gangsters off the street. The killing seems to be everywhere.” The Rev. Ron Lindsay, senior pastor of the Concord Fortress of Hope church, helped organize A Call to Oneness. “Right now, we're in a state of emergency,” he said. “Today we're planting hope that it will end.”


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