After Robbery Record, L.I. County Says Banks Should Do More


Alarmed that more Nassau County, L.I., banks have been robbed this year than in any since the county police robbery squad was formed more than 40 years ago, the police commissioner has asked nearly two dozen banking institutions to bolster their security operations and invest in anti-robbery technology, reports Newsday. Among the suggestions: Use more dye packs, consider embedding satellite-tracking beads in bait money, install more teller-level surveillance cameras to capture the mugs of robbers in the act.

The record-breaking statistics prompting Commissioner Lawrence W. Mulvey to hold the summit: 69 banks have been held up so far this year, topping the previous annual record of 62 in 2006. All but a handful of the 69 have been note jobs – where the robber gives the teller a threatening note and doesn’t brandish a gun. Tweaking security would help dispirit an expectation among robbers “where one walks in with a note and one walks out with cash,” Mulvey said. Mike Smith, president of the New York Bankers Association, said banks are committed to working with the authorities and are conducting a statewide survey to study how best to secure facilities.


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