VA County Crackdown On Illegal Immigration Yields Few Charges


Fewer than 2 percent of people charged with crimes in Prince William County, Va., since the well-publicized crackdown on illegal immigration began in March have turned out to be undocumented, reports the Washington Post. Police Chief Charlie Deane told county supervisors that police questioned 626 illegal immigrants in all. Of those questioned, 341 were arrested, 196 were released with no charges and 89 were charged and released on summonses. Ten others were determined to be in the country legally.

bout 60 percent of residents are satisfied with how police are carrying out the illegal immigration policy, according to the county’s annual citizen satisfaction survey. Fourteen percent of those surveyed are dissatisfied; 7 percent oppose the policy, and 17 percent provided no opinion. Opinions about the police have become polarized along ethnic lines, with Hispanic residents much less satisfied than others, said Thomas Guterbock, the survey director. For example, 97 percent of Hispanics were satisfied with police in 2005. This year, Hispanic satisfaction with police has decreased to 73 percent. Since July, the name of everyone arrested in the county has been run through a federal database to determine citizenship status, even if the person is not suspected of being in the U.S. illegally.


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