Milwaukee Murder Drop Due Partly To Better Policing: Flynn


The 49 homicides in Milwaukee through Aug. 31 amount to the fewest killings in that time period since 1986, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Two more homicides had occurred as of Tuesday night, bringing this year's total to 51. Police Chief Edward Flynn attributed the decrease in homicides in large part to “thoughtful, comprehensive policing.” He added: Improved emergency medical treatment and other unknown factors can't be discounted, he said. “I also think it's very clear to everyone on the street that [police have] made a major effort to disrupt the criminal environment. We've gone right after the gangs, we've gone right after the drug marketplaces.”

Good police work is only one of a number of factors that can contribute to a decrease in homicides, said Stan Stojkovic, dean of the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Involvement in school, the availability of jobs, the influence of family, and a slew of other factors can contribute to spikes or dips in the number of killings, he said.


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