Florida Sheriff Advocates Community Policing As Long-Term Solution


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel profiles the community policing efforts of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. The paper describes community policing as a type of policing where deputies focus more on long-term problem-solving rather than just responding to calls. Deputies try to get ahead of crime waves by being on the streets and forging relationships in the community. It’s part of a nationwide trend for years that harkens back to the days when police officers walked the beat.

This philosophy has been a focus of Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s strategy since he took office in 2005. The recently re-elected Bradshaw said community policing remains a hallmark of his agency because it’s a successful crime fighting method. “You can’t arrest your way out of problems in a neighborhood,” the sheriff said. Communication between the community and law enforcement is crucial, Bradshaw said. Forty-four deputies are assigned to the Sheriff’s Office community policing.

Link: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/community/news/westboca/sfl-flpcommunity0901pnsep01,0,4216573.story

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