KY High Court To Review Self-Defense Law Championed By NRA


The Kentucky Supreme Court plans to review two cases involving the state’s new self-defense law that allows people to shoot dangerous home invaders without fear of prosecution, reports the Associated Press. The National Rifle Association had championed the measure enacted in 2006, saying it simply codified a rule of law already observed by judges in Kentucky and elsewhere: That people have a right to use deadly force to defend themselves and their families when their lives are in danger.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said the so-called “no-retreat” self-defense laws enacted in 22 states over the past three years are important because some jurisdictions have held that crime victims have a responsibility to flee rather than to defend themselves. “We think that’s wrong,” he said. “It is vital for these crime victims to have as many options as possible available to them.” The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments Sept. 10 in appeals of two Jefferson County cases in which defense attorneys claimed their clients acted in self-defense.


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