Prosecutor Cites “CSI Effect” In Miami Shooting Acquittal


After Latin songwriter Estefano testified in Miami against the handyman accused of shooting him, jurors wanted more, says the Miami Herald. They acquitted Francisco Oliveira Jr. of shooting Fabio ”Estefano” Salgado. ”They didn’t have nothing to go on. No DNA. No powder burns. No fingerprints. I can’t do nothing to a guy until they got something to go on,” saud Thomas Griffith. The jury’s decision surprised observers who believed prosecutors had a compelling case that included the songwriter’s vivid testimony identifying his would-be assassin.

The verdict underscored the unpredictability of Miami-Dade’s diverse juries, and the so-called ”CSI Effect” — jurors who expect evidence like the popular CBS television series that depict investigators using sensational science to solve crimes in one neatly packaged hour. ”Unfortunately, this is proof of what we have said: There is a CSI Effect,” said prosecutor Michael Von Zamft. “We question jurors about that and they understand that CSI is phony but they want to see the same things as on TV and refuse to accept it’s not possible. Therefore, they stay on the jury and that mind-set stays with them.”


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