Detroit Mayor Rejects Plea Deal In Perjury Case


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick yesterday rejected a deal that would have had him plead guilty to one felony and serve four to six months in jail, reports the Detroit News. There are increasing reports that a deal may be in the works before Wednesday, when Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is supposed to begin hearings on whether to remove Kilpatrick from office at the request of the Detroit City Council.

The mayor reportedly is adamant that he does not want to go to jail. Prosecutors in his perjury case want him to plead guilty to a felony. Kilpatrick faces 10 felonies in two cases. The governor believes the only option she has in the hearing is whether Kilpatrick will stay in office or be removed. The last time a governor considered removing an elected official, in 1982, Gov. William Milliken, found a local treasurer guilty of misconduct, but allowed him to stay in office if he quit drinking.


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