Sacramento Suburbs Worry About Gang Violence


Nearly two years after a fatal shooting, a sense of unease – a memory of murder – lingers behind the peaceful facade of a middle-class neighborhood in Elk Grove, Ca., a Sacramento suburb, called The Villas, says the Sacramento Bee. Homies from one of Sacramento’s oldest and largest street gangs, the Franklin Boys, have relocated with their families to several suburbs in recent years.

The mentality of Latino street gang activity in Northern California does not suffer disrespect, and it is a lifestyle that comes armed. It’s a combination that turned an unscripted, late-night traffic encounter on a quiet Elk Grove street into a show of deadly gangster force. “You cannot confront people anymore because these kinds of things happen,” said Sacramento sheriff’s Detective Ron Aurich, a court-certified gang expert who has worked his beat more than 25 years. “These people are a little more serious than you are. You get confrontational, it causes a reaction – verbal, physical, shooting.”


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