Liberal Bloggers: Does Biden Mean Tough-On-Crime Campaign?


Some liberal bloggers are speculating on what Sen. Barack Obama’s selection of Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate may mean for debate on the crime issue. Biden has taken an active part in anticrime legislation for more than two decades. New York City criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield says that, “With 36 years in the Senate, [Biden] has a long track record on criminal justice issues. While Barack Obama can say anything (or nothing) about his position on crime and punishment, Biden comes with baggage. What does this mean?”

Greenfield notes that blogger Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft believes that Obama and Biden are going to run a tired, decades-old but tried and true “tough on crime” campaign. Greenfield thinks Merritt “is right to lament that the crime and punishment arena is just another in which Senator Biden does not represent a new kind of politics.” Greenfield quotes blogger law Prof. Douglas Berman as saying that “Biden has done some decent things in the Senate on criminal justice issues, ranging from the Second Chance Act and the Justice Integrity Act.”


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