Oklahoma City Trying Sweep To Collect $20 Million In Unpaid Fines


If there’s a warrant for your arrest in Oklahoma City, police may come knocking today through Friday as authorities begin looking for 62,359 people who owe more than $20 million in unpaid fines, reports The Okahoman. Said court administrator Stacey Davis: “It’s really best if everyone can take care of their warrant without having to be arrested. If you get arrested, there are additional charges.”

The Oklahoma County jail expects payment for housing you, and bail bonds don’t come cheap. Your car could be impounded, and you’d have to pay to get it back. Oklahoma City currently has more than 100,000 outstanding warrants dating back about ten years. That accounts for roughly 6 percentof the total citations written in the same period. Most warrants are for traffic tickets, driving under the influence, failure to appear in court, and assault and battery charges. The average amount owed is about $500. Don’t have $500 to pay off your fine? People are still encouraged to go to the city court and ask a judge for an extension or payment plan. This effort will keep violators out of jail.

Link: http://newsok.com/article/3287653/

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