Boston Handling Of Police Misconduct Cases Flawed: Report


The Boston Police Department’s handling of police misconduct allegations shows signs of slipshod investigations and unfair treatment of complaining witnesses, says a report quoted by the Boston Globe. Of 19 cases of alleged officer misconduct that the civilian review board scoured, it recommended that five, should be reinvestigated because they either were not thoroughly looked into or because the citizens who lodged the complaints were treated unfairly.

The panel said it found instances in which investigators drew conclusions without facts to support them, did not try hard enough to contact potential witnesses, and, in many instances, used leading questions while interviewing complainants or officers. The panel’s findings appeared to bolster negative perceptions in the community. Patterns discovered in the five poorly investigated cases may be evidence of systemic problems, the panel said, recommending that top police officials give internal affairs investigators a review session on proper investigative techniques in an effort to halt such practices.


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