Kentucky Considers GPS Parolee Monitoring To Save Money


Kentucky is considering global-positioning devices for monitoring inmates and parolees on home incarceration, the Associated Press reports. The cash-strapped state is grappling with soaring prison costs and dwindling evenues. Legislators authorized state prison officials to begin looking for less costly alternatives to imprisonment, such as boosting participation in home incarceration for felons convicted of nonviolent and nonsexual crimes. Kentucky has more than 22,000 inmates.

The General Assembly passed an $18 billion, two-year budget that authorized some prison population reductions. Kentucky has about 225 people being monitored through its home incarceration program. Current technology monitors only whether they are home; the state needs better technology if it wants to safely increase that number, he said. It costs about $52 a day to house a state inmate; it would cost less than $10 a day to use GPS devices.


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