Hundreds Of Guns Checked As Baggage At Atlanta Airport


Officials at the world's busiest airport–Atlanta–overstated their case when they declared the facility a gun-free zone, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hunters, competitive shooters, and other fliers tote hundreds of guns – some of them high-powered weapons – and thousands of rounds of ammunition through nonsecure areas of Hartsfield-Jackson every year. Said spokesman Herschel Grangent, “What we're trying to stop is people carrying loaded guns in a concealed manner in the nonsecure areas.” Federal regulations stipulate that the guns and ammo must be carried in a locked, hard-sided case, and they must be checked as baggage.

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, the airport's biggest carrier, estimates that about 700 or so guns – rifles, shotguns, pistols – are brought into the airport every year to be checked as luggage by its passengers. Some gun-rights advocates argue the fact that people now legally carry guns into the airport undermines the city's contention that legally carried, concealed weapons will make Hartsfield-Jackson less safe. “It defuses their argument that there would be a stampede if someone has a gun at the airport,” said John Monroe of””People have guns at the airport every day, and there hasn't been a stampede.” has sued city and airport officials to end the airport gun ban that went into effect July 1, after a change in state law.


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