Hartford Starts 9 p.m. Youth Curfew After Shooting Toll Rises


Crime-plagued Hartford has instituted a 9 p.m. curfew for those 18 and younger, says the Hartford Courant. Four days after a weekend that saw 11 more shooting victims added to the city’s burgeoning gun violence statistics, police started enforcing the city’s revived curfew, and the move appeared to have kept many inside and off city streets. The curfew is part of a multipronged approach to stem the violence, including longe-range measures like creating a “most watched” list, increased cooperation between police and prosecutors, and possibly impaneling secret grand juries to investigate and prosecute unsolved shootings.

“Hopefully, this will curb the violence. Then we’ll look at other services,” Police Chief Daryl Roberts said. City officials initially said that youths picked up would be taken to community centers, where they would be held until a parent or guardian picked them up. Then the policy was changed: those picked up would be taken home or to a relative’s home. Roberts said the community center plan was scrapped because detaining those picked up would violate their rights. David McGuire of the Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union curfews “violate the fundamental rights of individuals because they treat innocent people like criminals.”

Link: http://www.courant.com/community/news/hfd/hc-curfew0815.artaug15,0,2131932.story

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