Sacramento Seizes 56 Guns Via Ammo-Tracking Law


Sacramento police have seized 56 guns and more than 800 rounds of ammunition from convicts and gang members over the past year through an ordinance that tracks ammunition sales, reports the Sacramento Bee. The ordinance, passed in July 2007, requires gun dealers to enter information on those who purchase ammunition into a Web site.

The Police Department tracks the sales through that Web site and cross-checks the list with the names of city residents who are prohibited from possessing firearms, including felons and drug dealers. If police find those people with guns, they are arrested and the guns are seized. The National Rifle Association has threatened to sue the city over the ordinance, claiming it is a violation of the Second Amendment. A study in Los Angeles found that 3 percent of those who purchase ammunition are felons, a number that adds up to 10,000 rounds of ammo a month.


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