Sacramento Study Finds Black Drivers Are “Overstopped”


Black motorists are twice as likely to be pulled over by Sacramento police as nonblack drivers, says to a report analyzing the Police Department’s traffic stops. The report said black and Latino motorists were asked to get out of their vehicles at a higher rate than Asian and white drivers, says the Sacramento Bee. Black and Latino motorists, however, were no more likely to be cited than drivers of other races. “I’m not convinced we have the trust and respect of the entire community,” said Police Chief Rick Braziel “We, as an organization, we’re very, very concerned about these numbers. We have some issues we need to work on.”

Crystal Tayor, chair of a Community Racial Profiling Commission, said the report would provide “a feeling of vindication” to the city’s black community. “The African American community has felt like this has been going on for quite some time,” she said. Lamberth Consulting, a firm that specializes in racial profiling studies, analyzed traffic stops by city police officers from December 2007 to May of this year. Unlike prior studies, this one based the findings on the number of drivers observed on city streets – not census data. It found that “blacks are overstopped” compared with Latino, Asian, and white drivers.


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