PA Woman Gets Probation In Rare Internet Obscenity Case


Karen Fletcher of Donora, Pa., has been put on probation for violating federal obscenity law for stories she posted on the Internet that depicted the rape, murder and torture of children, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Fletcher, 56, spends the majority of her time alone, dealing with what she calls her “monsters.” Though she began writing the stories as a kind of self-imposed therapy, she posted them on a Web site where she charged members a $10 per month subscription fee. She had 29 members.

Fletcher had riginally planned to fight the charges — and had a team of First Amendment lawyers on her side — but she agreed to plead guilty after the government agreed incarceration was not appropriate. Prosector Stephen Kaufman said, “The premise of this prosecution is that words have power. The images conjured by Ms. Fletcher’s words are as horrifying or more horrifying than any photographs or videos of child pornography which can be seen on the Internet.”


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