Phoenix Mayor Asks Journalists To Report On Sheriff’s Tactics


Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon has asked investigative journalists to come to Phoenix and join with local journalists to report on what he considers Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio abusive treatment of immigrants. The story “needs to be told,” Gordon wrote in the Arizona Republic. “It is my hope that when a national journalistic spotlight shines on the sheriff’s bizarre, dangerous and constitutionally challenged choices, the decision-makers in Washington, D.C., will see the sad results of their neglect and finally be moved to act,” Gordon wrote. The major cites various reports of “the sheriff’s refusal to follow federal civil-rights requirements when pursuing illegal immigrants.”

In a response written for the newspaper, Arpaio says the media already have reported on my tactics, which he says are backed by 8o percent of the public. Since January, more than 60 different national media have carefully examined my programs, including these suppression sweeps, Arpaio says. he asks Gordon, “What do you hope to gain by asking for more coverage? Please stop being my PR agent. I do fine on my own.” He said Gordon’s assertion that Arpaio’s actions amount to “madness that must be stopped” insulted his employees and ciitizens who back strong action against illegal immigration.


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