U.S. Offers Aid To More Areas In Campaign Against Drug Markets


The U.S. Justice Department is offering more help to communities that want to adopt their version of a campaign against illegal drug markets that has been successful in High Point, N.C. The High Point effort, described last month in Crime & Justice News, involves law enforcement agencies and community members confronting drug dealers, offering them help if they stop illegal activities and threatening them with punitive action if they continue. The technique, spearheaded by criminologist David Kennedy of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has virtually eliminated open-air drug dealing in High Point.

The Justice Department aided nine communities in the last fiscal year and will provide technical assistance to as many as 10 in the next fiscal year. Applications are due August 21. Last year’s sites were Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago and surrounding Cook County, IL, New Haven, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Durham, NC, and Ft. Myers, FL.

Link: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/BJA/grant/DMI_RC.pdf

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