Prisoner Re-Entry A Focus Of National Anticrime Forum


Prisoner re-entry is a focus of the National Criminal Justice Association’s national forum, which runs through tomorrow in Louisville. Yesterday, Stephen Smith of the Louisville Metro Re-entry Task Force discussed a round-the-clock hot line for former inmates to call for help with social services, emotional support, substance abuse treatment, and other issues, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said about 2,000 Louisvillians are released from incarceration annually, and almost half of them come from the six ZIP codes. The Rev. Roosevelt Lightsy Jr. of the Newburg, Ky., Justice Reinvestment Pilot Project, said of inmates returning from prison: “How do you come home to a family that you have devastated?” How do you keep motivated and positive” and avoid backsliding into old behaviors? Lightsy has developed a community garden project in which youth work with ex-inmates tending a vegetable garden.


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