Lawmakers Consider Problem Of Sex Offenders In Nursing Homes


Ray McDaniel’s 18-year-old daughter was raped 10 days after moving into a nursing home – by a registered sex offender who also lived there. No one was required to tell McDaniel that the 43-year-old sex offender was a resident of the nursing home where his daughter was admitted in 2005 because she is mentally retarded and has schizophrenia, reports USA Today. The resident who attacked her pleaded guilty and is serving three years in prison. His daughter’s case led to an Ohio legislative proposal to require nursing homes to post notices if sex offenders live there.

Every state, McDaniel says, should require facilities to “tell people if there is a sex offender in this nursing home.” The issue is drawing attention as overall nursing home populations drop and some facilities see an influx of residents with mental illnesses, experts says. This week, the House small business investigations subcommittee in Washington, D.C., held a hearing on sexual offenders in the long-term care facilities. “As the daughter of a mother in a nursing home, I’m very concerned about this issue,” says Rep. Mary Fallin, R-Okla. She is considering whether legislation is needed to require law enforcement and social service agencies to inform long-term care facilities about sex offenders.


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